This privacy policy is here to let you know about how we handle your personal information and details. It applies to all the people who use our services, including the healthcare professional, the end-users (that's defined in our terms of use), and the visitors of our website. We made this policy to show you that we care about keeping your information safe and private. When you use our services or visit our website, you have to follow this policy and our terms of use.

We made this Privacy Policy to assure you that we care about your privacy and want you to feel confident using our services. This policy applies only to our services and doesn't cover other digital healthcare services or websites provided by our business partners. These other services may have different rules for collecting, storing, and using your information. Our Privacy Policy applies when you use our services. If there are any terms, we mention but don't explain here, they can be found in the Agreement. By using our services or giving us your information, it means you have read, understood, and agreed to follow this Privacy Policy. You also agree to let us use and share your information as described in this Privacy Policy. We can change or update parts of this Privacy Policy at any time. If you don't agree with this Privacy Policy, don't use our services or give us your information. If you're using our services on behalf of someone else or a company, make sure you have their permission to agree to this Privacy Policy on their behalf and allow us to use their information as described here.

2. Using Medical Information

The information found on our website https://www.medixoncall.pk/, as well as our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others, is meant for general informational purposes only. It is important to understand that this information does not offer or replace medical advice.

2.1. Information on Website and Platforms:

The information provided on our website and associated platforms are purely for informational purposes. We do not give complete surety of the rightness, adequacy, validity, dependability, accessibility, or completeness of the information presented.

2.2. Limitation of Liability:

We are not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of using the information provided on the website or associated platforms. It is important for users to use their own judgment and discretion.

2.3. Medical Emergencies:

If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your local emergency helpline immediately and seek professional medical advice without delay.

3. Note on Medicine

Although we make every effort to present accurate general information, nothing on this website should be construed as a substitute for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Furthermore, your use of this website in no way creates a patient-doctor relationship.

3.1. Our website serves as a third party and is not responsible for the medical advice or opinion of the doctor you are in consultation with, whether online or in person. A patient/doctor relationship is only established after you have directly scheduled an appointment with a doctor/specialist/consultant.

3.2. Before starting a new healthcare regimen, always seek the counsel of your doctor or another trained healthcare practitioner with any queries you might have about a medical condition, symptoms, or treatment. Never dismiss or put off getting expert medical advice due to something you have seen on this website or the related social media sites.

3.3. Based on their professional knowledge, the doctors/general practitioners on the web portals offer unbiased medical advice/opinions. The medical advice/opinion of the individual doctors, whether given through online consultations, in-person consultations, or home visits, is in no manner the responsibility of Medix on Call.

3.4. Medix On Call is not liable for any issues that arise during home visit appointments as we are just meant to be work as a third party and only responsible for establishing a connection between patient and doctor.

4. Notice of Non-Endorsement

4.1. Medix On Call makes no claims on the effectiveness or security of the goods, services, or therapies mentioned on the website. Information on drugs and health problems is subject to change and is not meant to be comprehensive or cover all scenarios for uses, precautions, warnings, drug interactions, allergic reactions, or side effects.

4. 2. The names, logos, and brands of third parties that appear on these websites, notably those of pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses, may be trademarks of their respective owners. Except where otherwise mentioned, we DO NOT ENDORSE OR SPONSOR ANY PRODUCT OR COMPANY.

4.3. Medix on Call does not promote or advocate any particular test, doctor, clinical care provider, service, method, viewpoint, or other data that could be discussed on the website and other platforms.

5. Infromation about the doctor

5. 1. Medix On Call makes every effort to gather correct information on doctors, including their specialties, credentials, and training, from sources that we believe to be dependable and trustworthy. However, we cannot guarantee or assure the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the data.

5.2. All opinions expressed by physicians and medical experts, whether they be medical or not, including their religious and political views, are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the website.

6. Outside Links Disclaimer

6.1.Links to other websites or content that is owned by or originating from third parties may appear on the site or its related platforms.

6.2.  We don't keep an eye on these external links to make sure they'reaccurate, sufficient, legitimate, trustworthy, readily available, or full.

7. FAQ’s

  • Do you collect personal information from people who use your website?

Yes, we do as it is the part of our work.

  • When do you collect this information?

When you register yourself on our website through a process

  • What kind of personal information do you collect?

Full name, phone number, email address.

  • Is my personal information secure and in free hands?

Your personal information is stored securely and can only be accessed by a limited number of people who have special permissions. These people are required to keep your information private. When you provide your information during the ordering process or when accessing our website, we have measures in place to ensure the safety of your personal information. All transactions go through a secure payment gateway and we do not store or process your information on our servers. We take the security of our website seriously and regularly check for any potential security issues or problems. We also use special software to scan for malware.

  • How the process works after registration?

    • Firstly, you have to enter your complete required data precisely, then you are registered.
    • Secondly for booking an appointment with the most suitable practitioner, you have to enter your name and phone number.
    • Submit the Payment mentioned on profile of doctor you want to consult.
    •  Then you wil get an approval  sms from website.
    • After getting the text from us, you will be able to take consultation frm doctor.

You can also book another appointment with the same doctor if you want to.

6. How do we use the information you provide?

We use your information in the following ways:

  • If you sign up for our email list or newsletter, we use your information to send you relevant updates and information.
  • If you participate in a survey or marketing campaign, we use your information to gather feedback and improve our services.
  • When you browse our website, we use your information to personalize your experience and show you content and products that match your interests.
  • We use your information to make necessary improvements and updates to our website, ensuring a better user experience for you.
  • If you have any customer service inquiries, we use your information to provide you with the appropriate support and assistance.
  • If you leave a rating or review on our website, we use your information to manage and display these reviews.
  • We use your information to identify and register doctors on our website, allowing users to find and connect with them.
  • For doctors, we use your information to verify your registration with the relevant medical council or authority.

We respect your privacy and use your information responsibly for the purposes mentioned above.

8.  Embezzled Information

We collect all the information on our website and application. We own the rights to this data, and if anyone steals it, we will take legal action.

9. Ownership of Content

The content, including pictures/videos, texts, data, form and arrangement on this website, belong to MEDIX ON CALL and are protected by copyright laws. It is against the law to reproduce or copy any part or the entire site. Any person or organization found guilty of this will face legal consequences. We reserve all rights.

If we want to change or update anything in our privacy and policy, it is updated here so you can easily see those updates.



MEDIX ON CALL is the creator and publisher of the website www.medixoncall.com on behalf of its own identity. These terms and conditions apply to individuals who use any of the services provided by us through any of its platforms by paying our website. MEDIX ON CALL owns and administers the services provided through the Website. Please carefully read these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will be declared acknowledged by you if you use the online payment facility to authorise a payment to MEDIX ON CALL. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any moment and without previous notice at the discretion of MEDIX ON CALL.


  • You can use a credit card, debit card, jazz cash, easy paisa, or any other digital payment method to make a payment using this service.
  • It is advised that the client do any required research on the fees or charges due against the Credit/Debit card used from the Credit Card or the Debit Card service provider, i.e., the relevant Bank, before to using this Service.
  • The payment gateway of the service provider processes the credit card information provided at the time of utilising the service; MEDIX ON CALL is not provided with this information.
  • The customer of the service is solely responsible for making sure that the data entered in the pertinent forms is accurate.
  • For record-keeping purposes, it is advised that you make an additional copy of the transaction, which might be useful in the event that any complaints emerge over the use of the service.
  • The customer acknowledges that his or her personal information, including without limitation information about a debit card, credit card jazz cash, easy paisa, or net banking, may be subject to exploitation, hacking, theft, and/or fraud when transmitted over the Internet and that MEDIX ON CALL or the Payment Service Provider(s) have no influence over such matters.
  • Through a secure website, the service is offered through a payment gateway service provider. However, neither the supplier of the payment gateway service nor MEDIX ON CALL provides any guarantees that the information a client provides online is safe or can't be accessed by or intercepted by a third party. In the case of such unauthorised interception, hacking, or other unauthorised access to information submitted by a client of the service, MEDIX ON CALL does not accept or assume any obligation.
  • For any misinformation, negligence, interruption, or omission in, or omission of, any data, information, or message, or for the transmission or delivery of any such data, or message, or for any loss or damage resulting from or occasioned by any such inaccuracy, error, delay, or omission, non-performance, or interruption in any such data, information, or message, MEDIX ON CALL and/or the Payment Service Providers are not responsible.
  • When processing, providing, or administering the Services, the MEDIX ON CALL and/or the Payment Service Providers, its employees, directors, and third-party agents are not responsible for any intangible, accidental, special, or consequential harms, or any damages of any kind.
  • The customer acknowledges that the debit/credit card, Jazz Cash, and easy paisa information submitted for use with the mentioned Service(s) must be correct and accurate.
  • They also agree that they will not use a debit/credit card that they do not legally own or whose use has not been authorised by the card's legal owner.
  • The user also promises to provideaccurate and legitimate information for their debit or credit card, jazz cash, or easy paisa.
  • When the customer commences a payment transaction, issues an online payment instruction, and supplies their jazz cash, simple paisa, card, or bank data, they guarantee and affirm that.
  • The customer is accountable of making sure that the jazz cash, easy paisa and card or bank account information they submit is valid.



  • The consumer may cancel appointment after 24 hours of booking and payment will be returned with 20% amount deduction for refunding.
  • Returning the amount can take 24-48 hours casually. with 20% deducted fee.
  • The consumer is responsible for cancelling appointments.
  • Cancellation requests from unrelated customers are not taken into consideration.
  • On rare occasions, the Third-Party Service Provider (Doctor, Clinic, Hospital, Lab, etc.) may postpone or cancel appointments. If this happens, we will make an effort to reach out and tell the customer, who can then choose to reschedule the appointment at a later time or visit the MEDIX ON CALL's website to do so.

12. Rearrangement of Paid Appointments:

  • Up to one hour before to the appointment, the patient may reschedule his or her appointment, that is, make a booking for a new day and time with the same Third-Party Service Provider for the same type of healthcare service.
  • Bank processing costs are applicable to all reschedule requests and will be passed along to the consumer in its current form.
  • In the event of a rescheduling, we will charge the customer the difference in fees if there is one for the newly booked appointment.

13. Refunds and Transfer Rules:

13.1. In the event that a valid cancellation request is received, the paid money may be reimbursed, less a 20% processing fee, by undoing the executed transaction using the bank transfer, jazz cash, or simple paisa money transfer services.

13.2. Usually, reimbursements are completed within 24 to 48 hours of a working day.

13.3. Please be aware that we will not be held accountable for any delays in the crediting of the Cardholder's bank account or credit card account caused by any factors stated by the Payment Gateway or the Cardholder's issuing bank.

13.4. A refund reference number will be given to you so you may contact your bank afterwards.

13.5. When paying for bills or services, no requests for refunds or cancellations will be granted.

13.6. Cash won't ever be reimbursed in the event of a cancellation.

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